internet based industrial auotmation systems


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I am new to this area of indutrial autoamtion. I would like to know if there have been any applications of internet based industrial
auotmation systems. Have they been successful. If not do they have any scope in the future. Is it worth trying in this direction for
intelligent industrial process control systems. A discussion on this topic would really enlighten the guys in exporing in this area.

I'm not an expert on this, I'm simply a tech. But, I've setup systems that use the internet as it's backbone for communication. It's
possible, but not wise, to setup and program a panel from remote via the internet.

Yes, it's worth investigating. Talk to vendors, most of this stuff already exists. We use the net primarily to monitor and pass, for lack
of a better word, non-critical information between systems. For example., tying twenty buildings 100miles apart without the internet simply isn't economical. But, relying on someone else's network for a critical process is dumb. i.e., if the process is there, so should the controls.

Clearly, any system with access to the internet has to be locked securely behind a firewall, placed on a VPN if it is to do you any good.
Unrestricted access could have interesting and expensive consequences. So, think wisely about what you want to do.

Mickey Mouse Inventions?
I wish I knew C better. I was able to take information from a serial port and redirect it to an IP address with VB. It works, but I
wouldn't rely on it. I bet Linux's tcp wrappers will work better.