Intouch Alarm Problems

I cannot see alarms in my Intouch application. It looks OK after restart of application, but some minutes later, the alarm provider is disconnected.
SMC logger message: "alarmmgr Provider '\InTouch' is disconnected".
I have tested the connection in Alarm DB Logger Manager and it is OK.
Any idea?

I have an Intouch application 2014R2SP1 (standalone), SQL Express & OS Win10.
We saw something similar yesterday after a SP2014 test system had been restarted. There was something odd about both the Intouch application (showed as checked out in galaxy and wouldn’t undo checkout because it thought it was open - had to kill a non-existent copy of window maker from task manager in order to succeed) and its engine (when we tried to undeploy it claimed the engine wasn’t running). Eventually resolved by a full undeploy and redeploy of the system.