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Ewald O. Stiehm

Anybody have any information about what this really is? Wonderware has announced the introduction of Terminal Services for InTouch 7.1. Does this mean the current release of InTouch is supported and will run under Microsoft Terminal Services? Will there be a new product that will support this? If so, when will the new product be available? Will you have to purchase extra software to get InTouch to run under Terminal Services?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

EO Stiehm

Ranjan Acharya

This just means that they are moving towards full Windows 2000 compliance since Terminal Server is built in to 2000 and to be fully compatible you have to support it out-of-the-box.

If they charge extra then that is a rip-off because then they are not Windows 2000 compliant.


Cross, Patrick

We've been successfully running Citect clients on NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server edition for a while, without having to modify Citect in any way or upgrading to any new 'versions'.

However I can understand that some work would have to be done to ensure compaitibility with Terminal Server if there were any complex DLL
dependencies in Wonderware. The multiple virtual machine enviroment of a terminal server throws up some complex security issues.


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