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Ole Nielsen


I have got an Intouch application which I have to switch over to another SCADA-system.

Is it possible, without Intouch but with standard programs, to read the screenfiles (*.win) and the tagdatabase (tagname.x)?

Ole Nielsen

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I'm not sure about the screens but you can use the DBDump/DBLoad utility to make a .CSV file for the database that can be edited with MSExcel. If your other HMI application happens to be RSView, there is a utility that will convert most of the application for you. Good luck.

Yosef Feigenbaum

You can save the screens as windows meta-files.
Check with the target SCADA to see if it can read this format.

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Anthony Kerstens

Screen files, no. Tagname.x, no.
However, check other application text files and .ini files. Some of them are readable text and you can at least discern the alarm group hierarchy.

Also, if you can run the application in view (as opposed to windowmaker), then you can use dbdump to get the list of tags.

It still won't tell you where the tags are used though.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
You can use the DBDump utility to send tags to a CSV file that can be modified using Microsoft Excel and then use DBLoad to get them back into Intouch. As for the screens, use "Print Screen" to
copy them to the clip board and then use a "paint" program to send them to a printer.
what is the conversion package called ? I was on the rockwell site and could not find anything that is obvious.

Regarding the Printing the display with extra effort like Print Screen and sending it to paint and etc..

My simple solution is to install a simple application which diverts the screen content to the printer by hitting the Print Screen Key.
Example one like Hardcopy is available in

BR /Girish

Dave Ferguson

I am on a handheld and at cabin. Not sure the name and it may be on their extranet. But I am sure you can call distributor or RSI and get it. Last I checked it was free kind of a incentive to buy RSView.

I will check when back in touch with the world.

Dave Ferguson
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> what is the conversion package called ? I was on the rockwell site and could not find anything that is obvious.

The conversion utility is only available through your distributor or AB sales person.