Intranet Text Messaging for VB 6.0..HELP!!


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John Kelley

Hi all. I've installed a new RSView32 setup (mostly for logging and data collection purposes and not as a HMI) on a clients network. It all works wonderfully well, and now they're asking for more....

They want to send pop-ups of unacknowledged alarms generated through RSView to a workstation client that will ensure that someone knows a tag is in alarm.

I've explored RSView Messenger, and it seems very capable at many things but unable to deliver pop-ups (only e-mails and voice stuff)... MY CLIENT WANTS POP-UPS.

Anyhow, I'm sure there should be an easy way to do this with Visual Basic either internal or external to a RSView project, but I've spent some time looking around and can't find a thing.

Any help would be appreciated.


If they are using NT or 2000 (and maybe even XP?), you can you use the NetMessageBufferSend function in the API "netapi32.dll". It's the same function that is used for 'Net Send'. The following link shows some sample code (just copy and paste the code from the FAQ "Send a message in a WinPopup format to a computer on the network" into a module).

I also have some sample code if you want it. Good Luck.


John Messinger


<p>In VB, you could use the following line of code to send a pop-up message, via the Messenger service:
Dim retval as Double

retval = Shell("net send TARGET_HOST message_string")

<p>John Messinger