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Lynn Linse

I think the key task is how to allow different "programs" to interact & share data memory. How can a SFC program call sub-programs in Ladder Logic or Javascript or a small PUC (Portable C Compiler) & share data.

If we can figure this out, then the options for the LinuxPLC are wide open.

Maybe we can define a parameter block to share - the caller fills in the "input", calls the sub-program which creates the "output", and continues.
But we should assume both are running concurrently. constantly spawning new sub-tasks will create performance problem (I would assume). We would need some way to define & tag the fields - almost a network issue. We cannot just use shared "C" structures because the sub-program may not be written in C or may be an interpreter of some kind. We'd need to make sure the data moved is 100% unambiguous in form.

We should look at how Foundation Fieldbus and various HMI move data (parameters) between blocks. There must be some clues there.

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Curt Wuollet

Hi Lynn;

That's the reason for a page outside of the OS and the drivers doing type and endian conversion. Anything that can access the memory can overlay it's own structure. Hopefully with the same alignment:^). I could call your C struct a BASIC array and access it. There might be better ways but, Linux calls most of them segfaults. The NFS and VFS code do a lot of this type of thing but, the code is a pretty tough read. There is also the shm IPC but I doubt that anything but C makes that visible to a program. The Linux and UNIX solutions to the problem often involve sockets as many languages now interface to them.

Curt W.

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