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Ranjan Acharya

Dear List, Does anyone have experience with inexpensive Win32/WinTel or Linux knowledge base software packages. We need something that would be used in-house to encapsulate and store data we have accumulated over the years. Basically a repository of tips and tricks and frequently asked questions that are not covered by the OEM's documentation (should an automation tools manufacturer accidentally leave an item out of their documentation). It would also be nice if the package would also store URLs and links of some sort to a patch database. The KB would be "searchable" and so on. I have snooped around on the web, and the best I have come up with so far is The current thrust of the packages of this type is to make a KB accessible via an intranet or the Internet. Perhaps there are more suitable alternatives. I am trying to stay away from a bespoke package that would consume a lot of time and resources over the years. Especially since once the KB reaches "critical mass", it would become increasingly popular and some sort of custom job would probably expire under the stress. There is no intention of making some sort of commercially available KB. Thanks RJ
I'm also interested in such a piece of software. But it must also let people submit knowledge articles of their own, and after approval they will be posted to the website. Of course this should all be database driven