KnowledgeScape and G2 in Mineral Processing

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Romero Espinosa Fernando (Teniente)

Dear List:

I want to know experiences in the use of "KnowledgeScape" and/or "G2" software, at Supervisory/Optimization/Global control level in Mineral Processing Industry.

Thank you very much in advance.

Fernando I. Romero
Process Control Engineer
CODELCO CHILE - Div. El Teniente
(56-72) 294243, fax: (56-72) 294469

J.W. Ruysenaars

We (Vega IT in the Netherlands) did several projects using Gensym G2. One of these projects was in Brazil where alarms from a DCS in a refinery powerplant were fed in to a G2 application. This application was used to advise the operator on a higher level, using the knowledge from expert operators which was captured in the system. This project is also listed on the Gensym success story page: site.

Other projects we have done using G2 can be found on our website:


Jan Willem

Mark Fairbaugh

We are using the knowledgescape software at our milling site in Indonesia.

We have just started using the system and have sag and ball mill rules configured. They are working pretty good. When the KS system is controlling the sags we get good tonnage. Just a little better than operator control , but better.

We only just starting the ball mill rules in the last 2 weeks so I will not comment on them.

We have just started up as well the optimizer , so I will wait to comment on that.

We are having a problem with the KS system talking to our Baily Infi90 DCS. When the rules are running and we are sending data to the DCS (rate of change , etc.) the backup MFP drops off line because it can not get updated from the primary, as if there is to much info on the loop. We are currently investigating this with Bailey and KnowledgeSCape.

But all in all the system looks good and appears like it will help keep throughput up.

We will be using it on our flotation circuit later this year and are hoping for a 1-2% increase in recovery.

Mark Fairbaugh
PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara
Sr. Process Control Engineer
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (62)-370-636-318 Ext. 47948

Raymond Grobler

We are the South African Agents for Gensym G2,
we have a lot of experienced G2 Engineers. Why don't you contact us :

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