Logging 12 analogue signals


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Mr. Ivan Briscoe

12 analogue signals need logging perhaps once every hour over a 7 day period in the field. When the logging is complete information needs transferring via BT landline to a remote server. Every seven days information is backed up to the server in this way to do analysis work. Another requirement is that if any of the analogues goes out of range then an alarm should be sent via BT landline to remote server requesting investigation.

Pierre R. Hinse CET

Hi Ivan, I would setup a laptop/desktop computer, with a National Instruments Analogue card. A simple Visual Basic application could log your data, and forward it for you. Pierre R. Hinse CET

Ricardo Rietveld

Dear Mr. Ivan Briscoe, I think there is a solution. I've once seen a demo of a paperless view recorder of yokogawa. This instrument was placed in the field and we were (real time) monitoring the signal by Microsoft explorer. I know this instrument has many possibilities as I have just seen on the following web page: http://www.yokogawa.com/tm/Bu/DX/nt.html

Ralph McDonald, P.E.

I have had very good results over the last 10 years with the CR10x from Campbell Scientific. We use it a lot for water and wastewater pumping stations and also raingage data. Check it out at www.campbellsci.com We have the first ones we installed 10 years ago still running. You can dial in and change the program and read the data. You can also have the datalogger dial out on a programmed condition. The head end package runs under windows and includes programming, setup, communications, data editing modules, ect. Ralph G. McDonald, P.E. Spicer Group [email protected]