Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

Please advise if you have had any experience operating conventional combustion frame 5 units with low sulfur diesel. Units are equipped with standard universal fuel pump/bypass valve/flow divider with speed pickups no starting motor. I am interested in any changes that may be required to the hardware. As the main differences between #2 distillate and low sulfur distillate are in viscosity and lubricity I suspect that some additives may be required. I would not expect any changes in the control spec as the density and LHV are very similar. Any advice or experience would be gratefully recieved.
I’ve been to a couple of sites that are using low-sulfur distillate fuel after using regular distillate (#2 diesel) for decades. They were operating fine and they weren’t using any additives at the time. They don’t operate often, and even less often on liquid fuel.

This would be a great question for the flow divider and/or high pressure liquid fuel pump manufacturer and for GE, or possibly the Frame 5 Users group, or any of the GE-design heavy duty gas turbine-related users groups.

The fuel supplier should be able to tell you specifics of the fuel and you could pass that, along with the previous fuel characteristics, to the flow divider and/or high-pressure liquid fuel pump manufacturer(s).

Please write back to let us know what you learn.
We have 8 vintage frame 7B. The fuel change from diesel to low sulfur diesel had no effects on turbine performance or fuel system components.
2 have the roper fuel pump and the other 6 used balanced fuel valve.
NO problems!!!
After commenting; I contacted the folks at our Frame 5 site, They said the diesel starting engine is running better than ever.

However, they recieved a new larger fuel tank when they converted to low sulfur.