Mechanical Rotary Cam Switches Vs. PLS


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Crystal Majercik

Hello Listeners,

I am presently looking at what "added value" there is in using a
Programmable Limit Switch over the traditional Mechanical Rotary Cam
Switches. I am also looking for your inputs as to who has the most reliable
PLS controllers on the market -- based on experience in applying a
supplier's product. Any additional information on the suppliers ability to
stand behind and support their product(s) is also of help.

Your opinions are valued...

Crystal - I2T

Gilles Allard

A PLS is generally more flexible and reliable than a cam-switch.
ElectroCam and AutoTech are manufacturers of PLS but you may
search the WEB for a longer list.
I generally prefer to implement the PLS functionality in a PLC.
If your PLC has a resolver interface, that a good choice.
An absolute encoder is also a good choice and it only requires
normal discrete inputs.


Toto Arbi (TRB)"

diferent fuction only, The switch as signal aqcuition or sensor for logic control and alarm as indicator


Bruce Durdle

Think about the difference between a TT, PT, LT and a TI, PI, LI. The transmitter or switch converts the process condition into an electrical or pneumatic signal: the indicator or alarm converts the electrical or pneumatic signal into a form the operator can use. With an alarm there is baggage such as latching, accept/reset provision etc.