Micro processor programming


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Magnus Anuell

I've done a lot with electronics end mechanics but never had time to put myself into micro processor programming. I realise that starting
from the very beginning is to late for me. It seems like there are several neat starter kits for beginners but what which system shall I go

Basic Stamp? (I like that it is based on PICs, which I have experience from as user of third party stuff). ST6, which seems to have a cool, graphic user interface?

My control demands are not hi so far. The important thing is to get going on the learning curve.

Any hint in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

BR - Magnus Anuell
check out Michael Covington's web page for a cct diag for a realy cheap programer ($3!) for the PIC16F84, then have a look at MICROCHIP.com web site to request a copy of their MPLAB software free on cdrom. ive been using it for approx 8months. highly recomend it for a beginers starting point. only $8 for PIC chips as well.