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Micrologix 1100 <-> Lookout Protocol Drivers v4.5 <-> Labview v7.0

Hello all,
I am helping a local company to use their existing seat of Labview v7.0 to talk over Ethernet with a new Micrologix 1100 PLC. We were hoping to use their existing OPC server that came with Labview (circa 2000) so that they do not have to purchase a new OPC server. Their Labview package is the "NI Developer Suite Professional v7.0 Control Edition" which comes with a "DSC Module" which contains an OPC server called "Lookout Protocol Drivers OPC Server v4.5 (build7)". This software came out several years before the Micrologix 1100 was born, but OPC is supposed to be a cross-platform, cross-generation standard isnt it?

So, when I set-up the OPC server, it asks me which type of PLC I have and the only choices are AB_Logix (Micrologix 1500), AB_PLC2, AB_PLC5 (15 different flavors), and AB_SLC500 (5 different flavors). Can I use one of these that might be similar to the ML1100? I definitely want to use ethernet, not serial.

My application is just reading and writing a couple of variables from/to the Binary, Integer and Float data storage locations approx once per second.

Does anyone see a problem doing this without having to upgrade the OPC server to something that "officially supports" the ML1100?

Thank you very much!!


Adriel Michaud

Have you spoken with NI on the issue, and if so, what did they say about support for ML1100s? OPC is THE connectivity standard for this type of work, but it does not specify what protocols or devices a given OPC Server must support. The NI OPC Server might support MLs, it might not. The best people to ask would be the OPC Server vendor.

Adriel Michaud

Bob Peterson

Chances are pretty good that either the ML1500 of SLC500 setting might work. Or NI might have an upgrade available. I think your best bet is to try it and see what happens, and if it does not work call NI.

Carl Burgess

I've never done OPC to a MicroLogix 1100, but I have recently used a MicroLogix 1100 in a project.

The instruction set and data file organisation of the MicroLogix is pretty much the same as an SLC500 - and the programming software is the same. As long as you don't do anything weird, I would expect the SLC500 settings to work OK.

I don't think the base MicroLogix1500 comes with ethernet as standard, so I would try the SLC 5/05 option first and see if that works...

Failing that, the AB knowledgebase is a good resource.


Thank you for your response!! Indeed I have spoken with NI. They were very adamant that I should upgrade to the newest version of Labview v8.5 along with their newest OPC server. They would not sell only the OPC server and insisted that they would only sell it in a bundle. The upgrade from v7.0 to v8.5 for industrial control was "only" $2k. My customer doesn't want to upgrade Labview and I don't want to pay for it out of my own pocket. They didn't want to help me with the "outdated" Lookout OPC server.

At this point I figure I can stay with Labview v7.0 and do one of the following...
1) Use the Kepware OPC server for $800. Their free trial is nice because I can see if it works out for me and then commit.
2) I haven't looked into the Matrikon solution yet, should I? Do you have a MicroLogix 1100 light version for <$500ish?
3) I have ruled out the RSLinx for $500ish due to bad reviews.
4) I am still considering using discrete Ethernet commands from Labview just to read and write a few registers... but I understand there will be a learning curve here.

Thanks for helping a newbie!
We use Cyberlogic OPC server for Rockwell. We have done some tests and they came on top in performance. Kepware was second, but Kepware has a lot missing. They don't support everything as Cyberlogix does and Kepware does not have all the device drivers. We also tried Matrikon. In one word, stay away from Matrikon.

The reason we did this switch is RSLinx is not playing well with non-Rockwell clients. Cyberlogic and Kepware are very client friendly. Cyberlogic has many other features Kepware does not, like unsolicited data. You can set up backup PLCs with Cyberlogic. One thing we did not like is Kepware makes you pay for extras, like a simulation server (extra $500). Cyberlogic disk came with everything, no strings attached.

We also saw some crashes with Kepware, but it looks (after 4 months in use now) Cyberlogix is built like a tank.

Hope this helps.

You might want to look at the DHX OPC Server from Cyberlogic (http://www.cyberlogic.com). It will handle the MicroLogix 1100, and you can try it for free. Once you've downloaded and installed the software, it will run for two weeks with full features, before reverting to a two-hour demo mode. For the 1100, you'll want to use the Ethernet DHX/CIP driver, which is included with the package. Try it out--a new version has just been released and I don't think you'll find a server with better performance.

It sounds like you're also dealing with a base of installed software that might be quite old. You may also be interested in the OPC Crosslink feature that's included with the DHX OPC Premier Suite. That can allow you to set up an OPC data concentrator and overcome spec level mismatch problems between clients and servers.

If you need more information or help, our tech support can assist you ([email protected] or 248-631-2288).

Dan Muller