Mitsubishi FX and FXo Cable Diagram


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Greg Staley

How can I make a cable to communicate between my PC's serial port and my FX or FXo plc? Will any Rs-232/RS-422 convertor do? I have a Telebyte connector Model 253. Should I set it for DTE or DCE? Does anyone have a diagram which will help me make the connection between the converter and the DB25 of the FX or the converter and the 8-pin mini-din of the FXo.

Thanks for your time.
Greg Staley

Jake Thompson

You may want to buy a seperate serial port for both units, i belive they come with a standard 9 pin connection and you will need to use a null cable to connect them both. Unless you are using a modem you should not have to worry about setting DTE and DCE for each PLC. Hope this helps!
Paul, Thanks for your time. The photo document which I viewed at that address is pretty fuzzy and unreadable. I appreciate it. Regards Greg Staley
Jake, First, Thank you for your time. I am trying to program each unit separately for separate and distinct applications in the lab. I have both units, the FXGP-WIN-E software loaded on my WIN95 PC and beginners enthusiasm.

Some questions:
Are all Rs-232/RS-422 converters alike?
Should I be looking for anything special?
What are the pin assignments/diagram which will safely get me from my serial port at the rear of my computer, thru the converter to either the DB 25 of the FX or to the 8-pin mini-din of the FXo?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again, for your time.
Regards, Greg Staley