MK6e Boot Light Flashing Loss Communication

Dear andstennett,

Well well, I wanna share my experience with the issue:

1/ Unit online: not too much to do, you can try to reboot it manually once, twice... Til 5 or 6 times it could work...otherwise

You can also (with controller state OFF) try to remove flash card memory, wait awhile and then re-insert it and restart you controller.

However at that stage you won't trip cause this is the utility of redundancy.

2/ Unit offline: here you can do more.
Check UDH communication by sending a ping command from PC on UDH network (EWS), using toolboxST or (4108) to identify the IP @ for the faulty controller.

Check the wiring of UDH, (look at UDH Interface led if ON/OFF at the front of the controller if its OFF that means the UDH Interface is damaged (you have to change the whole controller), otherwise if the LED is ON that means interface is ok, but no response to ping command here you need to set the IP of the controller, try first with the older 128MB flash card memory, (use toolboxST's wizard to set the IP, Look into the HELP File how to set IP Controller). After setting the IP, try again ping command if again no respond then use a new FLASH CARD (old one is damaged), repeat the previous step (setting Controller IP), with the new FlashM.

Here you should receive reponse to ping command. If yes, then it's time for download. through download wizard you have to download everything (boot version, application code, firmware version, bootloader...), and again another download to get controller/ IOPACK equality, EGD Pages...etc.

Controller restart automatically, then don't worry this is normal, when controllers get ON all of them equal and online and in controlling state.

Hope this helps.
The boot LED flashes a specific number of times followed by a three second pause. The flash count indicates the problem type, documented in GEH-6721 Volume 1 in the "Controller Status LEDs" section. The failure could be pretty much anything hardware related, and the codes won't tell you much. If it is anything other than compact flash detection or bad image, your UCSA is probably bad or improperly powered/grounded. If it is the compact flash, you can try a new CF card.

The only way to get more detailed information is to hook up a serial cable (see GEH-6808) and watch the boot up status messages. Interpreting the messages is another matter.

Hope that helps!