MODBUS question, Quantum PLC


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Jim Benson

Does anyone know if it is possible to send a MODBUS command 23 (Read/Write 4X Registers) to a Quantum PLC with a 113 processor? The Modbus document says the function is supported only on the 984-785 controllers only, but the Quantum has
more features than either...

The book is old. Yes you can do it with any Quantum. Anything you could do with the 685 you can do with the Quantum. That kind of statement was there to mean that you couldn't do it with the lesser 984 processors, like the 381. It was their way of saying that the 685 and 785 processors were the high end ones.


Jim Gosselin

Modbus command 23 will work just fine with the Quantum. The Modbus Doc just needs to be updated.
Dear Sir
We have system where Quantum PLC 113 processor is collecting the Power parameters using Modbus addresses.Quantum PLC 113 processor has Modbus port which can be configured as master or slave.
May i know which device you want to send the command.
I can help you in better way.