Modbus RTU

Hi, I have a modbus RTU question. We usually designed all of our Modbus RTU networks with the master at the start of the daisy chain. We have been asked to create a network with the Master in the middle of the daisy chain. Is this going to create communication issues or will it still be OK. We will be using 120ohm at each end if we go ahead.

Thanks in advance.
There should not be any issues with having the master in the middle of the daisy chain. Just confirm that any biasing or termination dipswitches/settings on the master are disabled.

If you think about it, this question could equally apply to Modbus RTU slaves, because like masters, slaves both transmit and receive on the RS-485 network. It's just that a single master will transmit much more than any single slave when there are multiple slaves on the network. But from an RS-485 signaling standpoint, both masters and slaves are just RS-485 devices that transmit and receive on the network.