Modbus/tcp on microchip MpLab


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Hi guys,

I hope you're all fine. My problem is the following, I have a project to do and i first of all have to program a chip for a modbus/TCP communication. This task is a bit difficult for me so i am looking for a source code of this protocol; i am using the compiler Microchip MPlab. If anyone has a link to a source code please send it to me 'cause i have no idea how to program it, i really need your help.

Thank you a lot and waiting for your answers.

Hi all;

i'm actully in the same situation and i have to implement Modbus TCP in Microchip dsPIC30F6014, and i'm really not familiar with TCP/IP Stack.

Can someone pride me a source code for Modbus TCP even if it's not implemented in the same chip??

My email address is: [email protected]

Thank you