modicon 484 communications


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Can you tell me if there is any way to communicate with a modicon 484 other than with a P180 or P190?

Mike Yammine

Yes, you can use a J475 (and maybe another interface also) to communicate via Modbus for an operator inteface or SCADA system.

You could use the J470 to communiate using Taylor Industrial 484 Programming Software using a laptop and a serial port.
There was once a P190 emulation on the PC (DOS of course) called GOULD - which might help you. Please write me directly to meirs"at"

Schneider Electric still offers a DOS version of software specifically designed for only the 484 PLCs.
Do you mean to program the PLC or do you simply want to read/write to the PLC (like from an HMI)?
Yes with Taylor industrial software, which is hard to obtain, you can communicate with any PC DOS.