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Bill Townsley

Hi all:

I have been recently looking at the latest NOE module from Modicon with the built-in web development stuff. Looks pretty good. I was wondering, however, where would you actually use a module like this? When you have a remote application, would you not use a separate interface (i.e. another computer) to link to the internet instead of using a module that is directly on the PLC backplane?

Any thoughts?


Leon Winitsky

Hi Bill

I think the following Might Help.

You can use the module to set up an "intra" net site rather than internet. In other words only clients with access to the PLC lan would have access. This way you could build great plant diagnostics which one could access from any Internet or Intranet explorer.

Anthony Kerstens

Eliminating another segment on MB+ that the PC
would represent?

Differing requirements for network connectivity?
Maybe an intranet rather than the internet? Imagine being able to get process information from anywhere within a facility without needing an SA85.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
How's this? We will soon be required by the EPA to have live data on the web for some processes. Now would you want some brat kid hacker messing with it or leave it in the embedded PLC code with this page making it nearly impossible, as long as the memory protect is on, for them to play with? No programming software, no messing with the code...

Bill Szuminski

Using an NOE module allows ANY browser to "see" details on the controller as well as letting the customer design some of his own screens. No need for a separate computer to just interface, any computer knowing the ip address has access.
Hi Bill,

We have put an Autocad DWF drawing (actually exported from Micro Station) into our demo module and also included one of our module data sheets in PDF format. When our customers realize they can ship a Quantum to site and have the process and system documentation included with the PLC they find this a very useful application of the web page.

Food for thought.

Don Mahony
Schneider Canada Inc.
Folks, It is an ethernet module with TCP/IP.
This implies one can use all the web tools, it does not mean it has to be connected to the internet. It only need be connected to your intranet. I could have a HTML page in the NOE module showing the production status of a process. The manager could view this data live from his PC in the boardroom using standard browser. He would not need any extra licensed
software, just a web browser on any OS, making it truly open.

This is a very flexible module. We have done a ton of work with Oracle, interfacing to just about everything. Internet and Intranet.

David Wylde