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Stan Zaremba

I need to replace an old Mycroadvantage system that is connected to a Moore APACS DCS (now Siemens) with iFix (or Fix32) HMI software. I was thinking of using Intellution (now GE Fanuc) APX driver supporting both 32 bit M-Bus and Ethernet communication with APACS (API Run Time from Siemens required). Existing system has 16 Bit M-Bus interface, no Ethernet communication module. Is there a better communication solution, such as iFix OPC Client driver? Could someone provide an assistance?

H. Soobrattee

You will need the Matrikon OPC Server, the Siemens opc server is much more expensive.

A new workstation will need to have an ISA slot for the M-Bus Interface(MBI) Card unless you want to upgrade to a PCI MBI Card ($2,000 - 3,000). SOYO manufactures motherboards with ISA slots if you want to integrate your own workstation.

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While Matrikon and Siemens both make excellent products for OPC, you might want to take a serious look at KEPWARE... if you look under the hood at many OPC Servers, you'll find Kepware's name scratched on the nameplate...

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Stuart Mitchell


I recently replaced MycroAdvanatge on a couple of sites. I used Siemens IEMs to go from MBUS to Ethernet. On 1 site I used the Siemens OPC onto WinCC. On another I used the APACs Matrikon OPC onto Intouch V9.5.

Both requires the API from Siemens. If it's a single server your 4-mation license maybe ok, if its a dual server setup then the Siemens option is cheaper but not a flexible as the Matrikon for deleting tags, configuration, etc.

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Kevin DeWitt

Is there any way to communicate from Moore Apacs to Ethernet I/P without using OPC into a IEM interface?

Rich Wargo, P.E.

Why do you want to use iFIX when Siemens has a defined upgrade path? Why do you want to do all the extra work?

It's cheaper in the long run to stick with the manufacturer's defined upgrade path in most cases.