Mounting Two SITOP Power Supply Units Side-by-side


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I am installing two SITOP 6EP1334-2BA20 power supply units side by side or next to each other in my panel. According to the manual, it mention that:

1] A clearance of at least 50mm should be maintained above and below the device (maximum depth of the cable duct, 50mm).

2] No space is required at the side.

For point number 1, is it referring to the cable duct must have a 50mm clearance away from the SITOP 6EP1334-2BA20 power supply?

For point number 2, for my case of having two SITOP 6EP1334-2BA20 power supply, does it means that I can mount the two SITOP 6EP1334-2BA20 power supply side by side without gap or space required?

Appreciate any experts here could give me some advises or inputs.

The data sheet doesn't mention cable duct although it usually has ducting above and below.

The unit has vents top and bottom which is why 50mm is the minimum clearance required. There are no vents in either side; the unit being designed to sit side by side other hardware or 2nd power supply.