Multiple S5 PLCs to WinCC


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Chris Vains

Hi People,

I am currently looking to convert a Wonderware Intouch Scada system to a Siemens WinCC system before expanding it to a multi client system.

The existing system communicates with 2 S5-135U PLCs with CP5431 modules and 17 S5-95U (6ES5-095-8MB03) PLCs on a Profibus network. The existing driver within Intouch is "SINEC L2 FDL A2" and there is a CP5412 in the PC. This driver allows access to the Input and Output memory directly, but the WinCC FDL driver only accesses datablocks (a pain to map for 19 PLCs). Is there way around this?
Do all S5-95Us need to actively write to WinCC or just some? I am looking at the Profibus PMC Driver (Supplied with WinCC) which seems to access I/O areas but I can not find any information on what PLCs can be used.

It is also possible that the system will be expanded to include S7 PLCs (300s) to be linked to WinCC. Could I link them to the same Profibus Network? What options are available if this is not possible?

Thank you one and all for any help

I am trying to setup an INTOUCH system to communicate with S5 135's and can only access via data blocks. I'm curious how you are able to access the I/O directly. I thought this was true for all Siemens S5 PLC's, not just the 95U. Sounds like we have the same hardware setup. What operating system are you running on your PC? I am using NT and not having any luck.
For the current Intouch system (on NT) I am using the Sinec FDL L2 driver on the Intouch driver CD
(Factory Suit 2000, Intouch 7.0). There are siemens blocks for FDL communication that setup the comms, and then you can access the I/O points in a tag.