NEC vs. CE control panel designs


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Phil Hamilton

A system (filtration system) developed in Germany with a control panel designed in Germany to me CE requirements may be sold here in the US. I have reviewed the drawings from Germany and am not sure if it meets NEC requirements. The one big issue I see so far is as follows:

The disconnect (480V 3 phase power supply required) is on the door and is not interlocked such that the door can be opened without power being removed. This is a requirement of NFPA 79, but I don't see it in the NEC (NFPA 70), though the NEC refers to NFPA 79. There is a question as to whether the filtration system is an industrial machine, so NFPA 79 may not apply by itself.

The only other thing I see is there will need to be added markings per articles 409.110 and 670.3.


bob peterson

CE is meaningless in the US.

There are various things that will need to be changed like the color of grounded conductors (CE = light blue, NEC = white).

Many locations require a UL listed control panel. I think your best bet is just to tell the Germans to supply the thing with a UL listed control panel.