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Mark Vyshkin

Hi all,

What measuring method, or maybe, some ready devices can we use to measure oil product density in a tank as a function of tank depth. There are some layers of product in the tank with differing density. Besides, we have to measure the upper level of liquid in the tank. We suppose that it could be done with the same density measuring device. The tank height is 12-15m. If anybody has experience in this field, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Mark Vyshkin.
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Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias

You may want to check www.enraf.com. They manufacture a product called ATX/XTG servo gauges, who will let you have the density.
And yes, their probe lets you measure not only the density but also the level and the interfase.
You may contact Mr. Daniel Vila whose e-mail address is:
[email protected]
for further information.
Jimmy Saldivias

Toni Kaesbeck


Servo gauges, like the ones Endress+Hauser produces, can measure product level and two interface levels plus the density in each of the layers. You will need to have clear density difference between the layers as the instrument work by measuring the buoyancy.
Check http://www.systems.endress.com

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Toni Kaesbeck