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Hi all,
I need to retrieve some old projects files splitted on several floppy disks. It seems they have been backed up with DOS 5.x and DOS 6.x "backup" program, for they need the DOS "restore" program. As far as I remember,
DOS5 and DOS6 backup archives were not compatible and this adds some more troubles...
Current versions of Windows seems not be able to manage such archives, while running DOS "restore" on Win98.
So my question is: Is there any way to restore these files without having to look for a computer with old DOS installed ?

thanks in advance
Luca Gallina

Johan Bengtsson

It could be possible to just use a system-floppy
with the right DOS-version, boot from that and
it could actually be possible to restore just by
(I know, the system is on a floppy, but refer to
drive B: when you need the other one and you will
be prompted to change floppy when needed)

I have never tested to use restore in this way but
theoretically it should work

/Johan Bengtsson

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Jeffrey W. Eggenberger

This is one way: Create a bootable partition on your hard drive. Install Dos on this partition.

Jeffrey W. Eggenberger
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