old hardware question for you geezers

I recall seeing these relays, think I used them as timing relays, back in the 1990ies. Have one without markings and need to find an equivalent or that exact one if still made today. See pictures.Rele med deksel.jpgIMG_20210412_105914.jpgIMG_20210412_105623.jpg
Going to hazard a guess here, they're pretty much standard DPDT open frame relays, mounted in a metal box with a cover. 2 terminals for the coil, a pair of Common terminal (separate, not connected to each other) and corresponding Normally Open and Normally Closed terminals for each Common.

Some units I've seen like this, that are not in the metal housing, might have the characteristics printed on one face; in your pics, maybe the face toward the bottom/wire entry. Coil voltage & type (120/24/12, AC or AC & DC, etc) and ratings for contacts. Careful disassembly could reveal it.