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Brian Cervi

I have a customer who has a very old Siemens Controller installed in his plant. As far as we can determine, it is a Multi Mikrocomputer System HMC Z16.

Need information on programming this unit. Is it possible to still obtain software to extract the program from the device?

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

Are you sure that this very old controller is not an MMC216, where as you have already observed, MMC stands for multi micro computer.

I doubt that you are going to have much success searching for technical info on the Siemens web site on this one, I would recommend that you call your nearest branch of Siemens and ask them to put you in contact with a sales or commissioning engineer probably from Erlangen in Germany. If you are not successful, I could probably find someone to help you and to this effect you may contact me directly.

If you are expecting to get a nice printout in ladder diagram of the process logic from this machine, I suggest you start to prepare mentally for the exact opposite now already, this machine is somewhat more than a simple PLC.

Donald Pittendrigh