Old TSX 17 crashing


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Problem is that PLC crashes and only way to make it work is retransfer software with PC, power off doesnt help too . Monitoring with PC doesnt work too (when PLC crashes) so i cant watch where error occurs. Power quality is ok and etc. We have exchanged PLC with brand new ... problem stays ...

Roberto Orsenigo

First question: Have you a memory card of this PLC?
Because if you have this, you can replay the card from the old one in a new one. In the other case i dont know what is possible to do.
In a old plc tsx17 there is 2 slot for a card.
The first one on the left is for a sistem card, the second on the right is for application memory card (eprom or eeprom).
I forget the code but if you need i can search it
and send you