On line humidity measurement


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Vineet Kumar Goyal

Is it possible to measure moisture on line -the moisture content in crushed biomass moving on a conveyor!

What are the possibilities and what equipments / instrumrnts, if any are suggested for this and what is their connectivity with PLC's. What is the calibration required for this instruments!
Infrared can be used to measure surface moisture but that is not generally a good indication of bulk moisture content. Neutron moderation or microwave absorption will measure bulk moisture. One or the other is usually used in combination with a gamma absorption density gauge on a convetor to achieve % moisture. There shouldn't be any problem interfacing to a PLC. Calibration procedures are provided by the manufacturers.

Vince Dooley
To monitor the moisture level online, first you need to know the ouput of your measurement device... tie output appropriately to a PLC. The your all set :)