Options missing in "controller organizer" in RSLogix 5000

Hi guys,

I'm very new to Allen bradley. I tried to see the program of a machine which has AB plc. I could connect, go online and upload the program to my PC successfully but i couldn't see anything in the "controller organizer" window. It only shows type, description, slot, major fault and minor fault. That's it. Where are all those options like tasks, programs, tags etc? I'm also attaching the picture for reference. How do I unlock all those options?
I cannot see attached picture; nor stated which PLC you have.
However if you have SLC5 series PLC and uploaded the program, which is relatively easy to do, it won't have program comments or tags, as these are stored on computer in the originating project files.

The controllogix series being a tag base PLC would upload tags but little else.
Start a new project to see if these options become available.
The PLC is controllogix 5561. I can see the tags by going to the option of "edit tags". I can even see the logic by going to the option "browse logic" i guess. Not sure if i'm naming it right but it was something like that. Let me try again attaching the picture of how my controller organizer window looks like. I'm attaching it by clicking the option "Attach files". Controller Organizer.jpg
No problem. Another tip that I remembered but couldn't find is to hold Ctrl+shift while opening the software. That is supposed to restore all of the layout and menu settings to their original default states.