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I have got one Panel view 300 (Version 4.0, March 01, 2000) and i'm using the PanelBuilder32 (version 3.50 Release Date 17/03/2000). Now whenever i try to upload the program from the panel view terminal it allows me to upload 99% of the application and when only 200-300 bytes of progarm is left to upload it gives the error message "Error - 4008 Terminal reported Bad data count" and after the receipt of this message upload stops and hence i'm not able to get the program from the Panelview terminal.

Can any one please let me know the reason of this error.

Thanks in advance for your responses,

Alan Rimmington

I had similar problems using 3.50 and a 550. Try using WinPFT to do the upload, it worked for me. I found a few other "features" in 3.50 which I am sure will be fixed in later releases ;-)
I've seen instances where a packet of data doesn't get delivered from RSLinx PIC driver to WinPFT, and WinPFT re-requests data from RSLinx, which thinks it's sent it all... thus the "bad data count" error message. It's unique to the 1747-PIC driver and RSLinx older than version 2.20 SP1.

Upgrading RSLinx Lite (free from Rockwell Software) to version 2.30 should fix this problem. If you don't feel like dealing with the PIC driver, a $30 ATA Flash memory card is a great workaround.

The reason I mention RSLinx Lite 2.30 is that version 2.31 doesn't install in Windows 95, and if you're using software that's at least two years old there's a chance you're running that OS. RSLinx 2.31 will install in Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.