HMI - PanelView Plus 1000 Allen-Bradley restarting

Hi guys, I have an Allen-Bradley 1000 view panel restarting from nowhere. The system event log appears: SYSMON: System boot, Reason: Watchdog reset. When I click on more details it appears: watchdog reset. status: 256. Has anyone experienced this problem?


According to OEM manual The hardawre watchdog Boot /RESET The system..

Possible cause is hardware or software..

So is that when you click on "clear all" this system event /alarm/error message still displaying ...;

You got to troubleshoot why Watchdog time out (delay ) reset the system !

You may also perform or see if watchdog test is ok or dispalying "watchdog test failure"

In the case of watchdog failure you shoud reload or upgrade the firmware, or replace the logic module..
Can you see what happens when unit is performing a watchdog test during start up ..
It should displaying "Message 30 Watchdog " it is for testing watchdog circuitry ....According to OEM technical manual..
If it failed it should also displaying an error message, Like the one that is displayed on the screen shot,
taht you shared

Try also to perform firmware updating or upgrading
Look on Oem Manual there are bunch of interesting guidelines...

I had this issue on a PV 7 just recently. The OEM had setup remote time update in the HMI and was triggering the updated every 500 msec. This wil cause a watchdog time out and reboot the HMI. I changed it to updating once a day which is more than plenty. This solved the problem. We had 6 HMI on different lines that this OEM did this on and it fixed them all.