PC Serial Port Stepper Motor Interface Card substitute


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Windell Jones


Looking for a stepper controller that has RS232 connectivity with a PC and outputs step and direction signals that can be sent to a stepper driver.

Ocean Controls offer the PC Serial Port Stepper Motor Interface Card which would suit my needs perfectly, but since they are located in a non-US country it will be hard for me to obtain a purchase order.

Do any of you know of a US made substitute?

Here is the link:

I'm wanting to purchase a device that is sold in the US that has the same functinality/similar functionality as the this card. I've done google searches, but I only recieve packages that recieve serial input and output the leads for the motor.

This card takes input from the RS232 serial port of a PC and converts the ascii commands into step and direction signals. These signals can then be fed to stepper drivers.

It is important for me to have the controller (step & direction) be separate from the drivers because these two devices will be located on two oposite sides of a copper wall and the least amount of leads penetrating the wall is prefered. So there would only be 4 or 5 leads penetrating the wall if I were to use this card.