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I am looking for the wiring diagram for the programming cable used to connect a PC to a Moeller PS306 PLC The PLC input is a RS485. The PLC is obsolete and our application is for only one time. Any help would be appreciated.
A person who may be able to help you is Jaap van der Meer of Foxboro Nederland N.V. I don't know his e-mail address by heart. If you mail me your question by e-mail at [email protected], I will forward it to Jaap van der Meer. Ray W. Schlunk
One thing that you may not know or thought about, with the Moeller PS 306 you will need the original program on your hard drive before you can go "online" to the PLC to make any changes! Steve.

Stefano Landi

Hi Marvin, I don't know if you got your question answered, however if not I work for Moeller Electric Inc. Canada the manufacturer of the PS306. Please contact me at [email protected] and I'll forward the email to our automation department. regards, Stefano

Alastair Fordyce

The Moeller PS306 PLC uses port 2 as a programming interface. This requires a RS485 connection to the host. Moeller supply an interface cable with a converter (UM1.5) and an adapter cable (KPG-PS306) to go from the interface cable DB9 to the PS306. The PLC port pinout is as follows: Plug connector 5 pins 180degree DIN DIN 41524 pin: 1 -------------------------- RS485 + 4 2 5 3 -------------------------- RS485 - The port communicates at 9600 baud. You will need the Moeller S30-S316 DOS software package to program it. The PS306 uses compiled code so you will need the source code (filename1.q6w, filename2.z6w) in your PC if you want to online program or monitor the program. The PS306 is only avalable as a service replacement (ie not for new projects). It might be a good idea to consider changing to the Moeller PS4-341-MM1 which uses Moeller S40 Windows based software and a RS232 programming port. S30 programs are easily imported and translated. The PS4-341 will do up to about 8600 I/O without even taking a breath. Best regards, Alastair Fordyce REA, NZCE,CQA Systems Engineer Bremca Industries Limited www.bremca.co.nz PO Box 7169 Christchurch NEW ZEALAND tel +64 (3) 332 6370 fax +64 (3) 332 6377 e-mail [email protected]