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Hello, I am trying to communicate between two PCs with modem through a telephone line(dialup TCP/IP) . Further I intend to use Virtual Network Computing for Windows95. Can anybody help me out on this. Thanks and Regards. K.Ramesh Access Automation Pvt. Ltd. email : [email protected]
Hi, I have had good luck with Symantec's PCAnywhere. I use it to remotely troubleshoot machines weekly, although I don't use the TCP/IP protocol. I do believe that is an option, however.
I have to agree with Mark. I've been testing VNC with my home network so I could see it in a safe environment and I find it a very easy remote program to learn and use. The big bonus is that it's also free, but thats been mentioned already hasn't it :) Yric

Sasko Karakulev

Hi, can You mail me more infos about PCAnyWhere or VCN please?

Sasko Karakulev