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Rajesh Ballamwar

Some of the peripheral specifications are as follows. 1 pH range - 1 to 14 2 Temperature - Max. 130 degrees Centigrade 3 Pressure - Atmospheric 4 % of solids in the reactor - 35 % TDS 5 Medium in reactor - Acquous 6 Agitator used is of A 7 Kind of heating - Through jacket Has anybody used any pH system for such an application?. I will appreciate if somebody can help in this regard.
I beleive any PH system designed with cleaning facility should work, but it may not to your satisfaction.
In the paper industry (I spent some years) where there is clay in the process, no PH system works adequately. So we had a retractable probe. Every day some one had to put the loop on manual an clean and recalibrate the system. It was no worry at all. It's taking brake of different kind.