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Hi folks,

I have TSX3705 (no realtime clock???) and TSX3721 modules.
I need to set up a motor to run at 8am and to stop at 8pm, from Mon-Sat.
How can I do that?
(I know %SW50-> registers and can do that above, if there is a realtime clock working in PLC module).
So how to access to 3705 module via network and send a bit into it from 3721?

Regards Tomppa

Smith, James

Can you make you own clock?

Use a 1 sec timer driving a counter (Seconds)

when seconds counter reaches 60 pulse min counter and reset seconds (Min) When Min counter reaches 60 pulse Hour counter and reset min.(Hour) When hour counter reaches 24 pulse day and reset hour.(Day) When day counter reaches 8 reset day counter.

(Day counter 1=sun, 2=mon, 3=tue ...)

It's Crude but it works!!
Yes, you can access the hardware configuration then double click on the CPU module. After that you could activate/adjust PLC clock.

The second Q: depends on what network module/card you have. If you only have CPU then your only chance is using Unitelway protocol with TER port.
There's no realtime clock through network if NTP is what you meant. Only PLC local clock available.