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Bob Weber

I have an SPC software package to which we are storing keyed and gaged(via RS-232) data. We wish to expand the system by taking analog sensor data from PLC's on the floor. The SPC software manufacturer provides a DLL library to which calls can be made to drive the data into the data tables. I am told that code (VB, C, etc.?) can be embedded within another application to make the DLL calls. Has anyone already crossed this bridge? I don't think it would be prudent to write individual code for multiple PLC manufacturers. I'm trying to see if a third party HMI w/ scripting capability could allow me to access multiple e-net connected PLC's and, upon a time interval or event, make the DLL call to store the appropriate data. Any suggestions?
First, I'd recommend you to check for if your SPC software has OPC capability.

If so, you are at the other side already.

OPC's from the PLC manufacturers can bring this data into your app.

If you want to discuss it, contact me directly:



There are 2 parties which gives event driven
data collection & data table [ *.csv , .txt ]
files in the real time communication with PLC
via OPC.
This files you can import into your SPC/SQC
package for analysis.

This cost you fortune, request buy low end MMI
package, which can give you history file in the
format accepted by your system.