PLC - Measurement data over RS 232

I am novice learning PLC . I am measuring some analogue and Digital ports using Micrologix 1500 LRP Series C PLC. It is having 2 RS 232 Ports. I want to send this data over one of the RS-232 port .

How can i do this. Can some one help with code.
Are you sure they are RS-232 and not RS-485/422?
Here some -vague- thoughts because we need more information regarding the protocol to use and final check of that the physical interface type. RS232/422/485.
Sometimes you can configure the ports as being Modbus-RTU ports. With an USB to RS485 convertor you can communicate between a windows PC and the PLC.
Sometimes the PLC has an ethernet port. You can configure that as being Modbus-TCP and connect it to your windows PC.
Modbus is a very easy and much used protocol.
It is also an open protocol. There are numerous implementations of Modbus-RTU (serial) and Modbus-TCP (ethernet) applications for a windows PC.
Check lots of info here:
You are correct mairothia your PLC has RS-232 ports, don’t get misdirected by some vague thoughts about RS-485.
If you google “slc-500 write ascii” you should come across an example which should be very similar for Micrologix as both use Logix500 software. You can send ASCII data via the RS-232 port to a PC or printer. I have done this for a few small projects a while ago, if you still need help I might be able to find some code in my archives.