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hi to all.

I'm trying to control stepper motor trough plc, siemens s7 s200. i have l298 as motor driver and plc would replace ic like l297, analog outputs would be trimed input level of l298. does anyone have an idea how to program plc in ladder so i have inputs of cw/ccw, full step/ half step, # of inpulses and time and outputs that can go to l298 inputs, a, b, c, d and enable? Oh and i have little experience, i need this for my school project, any help is appreciated. Tnx in advance
Hi Viktor,

Your friendly local moderator here. has a wiki at There is a link to the PLC Archive on the main page. The PLC archive has several motion control examples.

For the rest of you, check out the PLC Archive and we're alway looking for additions. Contact me if you have a submission.

Peg Ferraro