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Daniel Gamero


I have communication problems with my New PC mark Compaq and the software step5 v7.02 running in windows 95 to communicate via TTY with a CPU 928. I can enter online but I lose communication immediately, I test with another PC and it happens me the same problem. With my old notebook
with DOS and win 311 don't have any inconvenience.
I wait for your HELP.

Daniel A. Gamero
Masisa Argentina S.A.
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Butch Barker

This is a common problem, Step 5 does not function well in windows, Run it in DOS mode.

A configurationfile exist that take care of online handling regarding time out and so on..

The file is named S5@@@@AS.INI and is located in the folder named S5_SYS on your computer.

If you open the file you can manipulate the values to get a better performence.

The file also contain information regaring the parameters in the file.

Hopefully this will help you with your problem

Slawomir Telman

I have a same problem with Toshiba natebook series 4200 and Win98 SE (STEP 5
I solve thos with A Technical Support of Siemens.
What I do:

1. Press the "Start" button and click "Run"

2. Enter "Regedit" and press OK.

3. Then change the binary value of "EnablePowerManagment" in the directory
"Hkey_local_Machine\ SystemCurrentControl \Set \Services \VXD \VCOMM
from 10 00 00 00 to 00 00 00 00

4. Quit the "Registry" and restart your notebook

5. After the change the Power Managment for the COM interface is deactivated.

6. After restart you start "Step 5 V7.X" and go online.

I have only problem with force variable - same time Notebok lost online connection with PLC - better is in DOS mode.

See to "":

Best regards