Problems with Black Box's RS232-RS485 Converter


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Jorge Penagos

Good Night to Everybody.
I'm Jorge Penagos and in these days I'm working in a Migration system between Honeywell TPS System To Experion PKS System. Two week ago I was traslate scada points from a SAAB Tank Master (a Blending monitoring System) and I needed communicate this system with a Modbus Simulator by Black Box RS232 RS485 Converter.

When I was establishing this comunication in the monitor tab of my simulator had had a CRC error and the commnications was to a failed state. I know that black box converter has many jumpers but i need a simply configuration in this converter for this communication. In fact I need a configuration for 4-wires 485 communication or for 2-wires 485 communication. Please for the experts, I need your Help. So Thanks to everything

PS: I accept any configuration for baud rate, half or full duplex mode,etc