Profibus com S7-318 to ABB AC450


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I need to communicate a PLC S7-318 siemens with a DCS system from ABB (AC450). If somebody knows how, please send information to me.


Daniel Chartier

Hello; The Advant Controller 450 is listed in "": as a Profibus compliant communiction processor. Basically your only problem is deciding i9f your S7-318 is to be set-up as a master or a slave to the AC450.
Say it is master; then use the Hardware Config editor of Step7 to integrate the AC450 GSD file so you can implement it as a slave (give it a
Profibus address, determine the size and config of the comm. exchange) and domwload the configuration to the PLC. All you need then is cable and connectors.
If the S7-318 is slave, set it up this way in its Hardware Config and download to its memory. Then use the appropriate software to configure
the AC450 as master and download that config. You should be in business.
Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
An option would be to use automationX to access via Profibus and transfer the data to Modbus, OPC or whatever means the ABB can use. We do this on
many occasions - that is bridge PLC/Devices and DCS systems.


Paul Jager, P.Eng.
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