Profibus comm between ABB and EMG


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I am having trouble configuring Profibus comms from a CI541 module (ABB Advant 410 PLC) to an EMG steering unit type MCU24.2. Can anyone help with this?

Daniel Chartier


I have never worked with either of these, but setting up Profibus communications is staightforward, whatever platform you use.
You need a profibus configurations software for the master (here the Advant) into which you load the gsd file for the slave.

Once that is done, you insert the slave into the master's bus (still in the configurator), set the slave profibus address to match the one selected on the slave, and select the amount of data to be exchanged between master and slave 9that depends on the vendor's possibilities and you process requirements).

Next, connect the two with proper cabling and conectors, set the bus speed parameters if required, download to thwe master (and slave if required), put the master in run and read/write to the slave....

Well, that's the general idea. there are of course some peculiarities to each system. What have you got until now, and what errors do you see (if you've even reached that far)?

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier