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Colin Bravington

Hi Everyone,
I am attempting to source a free standing Profibus DP to PA link unit that will allow the extension of a Profibus DP network into an intrinsically safe area with a PA network segment without affecting the transmission speed or
performance of the DP segment.

Can anyone help me.

Regards Colin

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Kai Atle Myrvang

The item you ask for is known as a PROFIBUS-PA link. A link is intelligent enough to manage split speed between the -DP and the -PA segments. This is not the case with a PROFIBUS-PA coupler. One link can often also handle several segments of PROFIBUS-PA. A quick search in the PROFIBUS Electronic Product Guide ( returned one item from Siemens.


Kai Atle Myrvang

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Rob Hulsebos

Doesn't Siemens sell them? They have "couplers" and "links", one of the two forces DP to run at 45.45 Kbit/s, the other allows DP to independently run at any speed. Basically, such a module is a PA-master with a DP-slave communicating over (I guess) shared memory. The PA-master part runs its own cycle over PA, takes
outputs from the shared memory, sends it to the PA-slaves, who reply with data (inputs) which is put in the shared memory, from which it can be read by the DP-slave part. Remains: a solution for configuring the module.

Rob Hulsebos