Profibus PA drivers for Siemens PLC7


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Hi folks,
I am using PLC7 V5.2 and have some Problems to connect Profibus PA fielddevices which are connected via Profibus DP/PA link IM351 (Siemens). My problem is that I do not have any experience at all to get things running.
I am using the Standardized I/O driver for CFC`s they are called PA_AI, PA_AO etc.
I already got a PA_AI running, but I need also to use a PA_DO driver to let a sensor drive in its Maintenance position. My problem is that this driver has only a Byte input connection but no Bool.
Is it possible that I have to built a Byte from my single signals?
Is there somewhere a source where I can get some CFC examples?
I have never used PA but I have used PCS 7 for over 3 years. I am currently working on two projects using V5.2.

I believe that PA is for field bus devices. If you are using a digital output to turn on a sensor I would think that you would use the CH_DO driver block.

If the sensor is a PA device then I would assume there is a device definition that explains which bit in the SP corresponds to the output on the field device that you are trying to set.

John Arnold