PROFIBUS PA transmission to Rockwell AB PLC


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Antonio Martinez

We are using Rockwell-AB SLC500 CPU 5/05 with DeviceNet fieldbus to RSVie32 supervisory stations.
I'm planning now to buy some instruments that are capable to transmit over Profibus PA net, in adition to normal analog outputs. To take the advantage of this networked transmission over PA, my question is if there are possibilities to get those data on the SLC500, over a converter Profibus PA/DeviceNet or directly in the SLC500 chasis. Thanks for any advice.
hallo !! SSt technologies offer a Profibus-DP master (they call it a scanner) for SLC 500 PLC. Then you can have DP/PA link & master from Siemens and connect to the transmitters. Please take care in selecting the number of links as they are dependent on the total current requirement. Regards Paul