Radio Communication for remote monitoring of PLC to a PC


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William G. Go

Could anyone suggest me how or what to do to make remote monitoring & controlling from a 6 km distance PLC to a workstation located from another area. it need to be wireless so i suppose i'll use a radio right but which one will be the best to use that has a fast update & fast response even there's a bad storm or some environmental factors that may affect the communication between the two points. i was eyeing for PACSNET (does anybody here familiar with it) & Adaptive. Any recommended product will be nice. thanks guys. 1. need to know better suggestion too if there will be better way than radio. 2. i'll be using PACSNET 400/96 via RS232 3. My PLC is Smar DFI302 (Fieldbus Protocol) & Genesis32. william


Hi; I'm very interrested on your subject ,so could U please send me any information about it when available. Thank U.

Jerome W. Lavoie

I suggest using two standard RS232C 910MHZ radio modems. These will extend the serial link for your programming access point (com port of the PC) to the AGT/TTY cable that you connect to your PLC. I like the Black Box Radio Modem MDR100A-R4 maybe try this with the YAGI antenna w/ 100-foot cable that's MD3310-R2. - Jerry