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Hugh Jack


> Curt asked:
> What the heck is "V"?

I am still getting all of the details (I still have to install and try it out), but it is a graphical programming environment for Windowed
operating systems. I expect it will allow the GUI to be built graphically out on the screen, and then create source code from it. I should be able to create some code for it to call, and then compile them together. The package claims to be compatible with Linux, windoze and others. They also have a visual compiler environment. You can find their web site at, (Note: their server seems to be up/down often).

If this works it could permit a very portable source base that could be ported to other platforms with less effort.


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Along a similar line, has anyone worked with glade for this? I saw a demo put on by the gentleman who started the LinuxPPC project (Jeff Carr) and it looked pretty impressive...maybe not as friendly as VB, but at least it runs on the right OS ;)

Rob Martin

Curt Wuollet

I have also seen and played with a thing called "Visual TCL" that lets you build the ocasional dialog or checkbox form in a hurry. Very little
documentation but it worked and Tcl/Tk is fairly portable. It would be nice to have a screen builder without reinventing the wheel. I've been meaning to look at glade again. I looked at a very early version and never did ferret out how to fleshout the callbacks and stuff. Tcl/Tk seemed more like VB in that regard. There is a product called "Instant Basic" that outputs java,
still fairly complicated to tie in with your application. I guess I'm looking more for a scripting language with a builder than a "regular" screen builder. It would be a plus if you can change a SCADA screen without a recompile.



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